Brush tips with changing pattern

Hi there,

does anyone know if there are brushes in Corel Painter 2019 whose pattern of bristles changes with every new brushstroke? Apologies if there are and I´m simply too stupid to find them.

Painter has come a long way since it´s beginnings, and the possibilities to add randomness to the brush tips are great, but there´s still something I´m missing, and that´s a brush whose pattern of bristles changes with each an every new stroke. The lines single bristles create are still a bit regular and repetitive for my taste.

Here´s an idea - and I have no idea whether that´s technically possible:

Imagine a brush tip with 10 individual bristles. Imagine each of those 10 bristles taking on a different thickness with every new stroke of the brush. Everything of course within certain limits, that is relative to the overall thickness of the brush ("overall thickness" meaning all 10 bristles combined). 

That by itself would provide a changing pattern of bristles with every now brushstroke. Combined with already existing ways to add randomness to brush tips in Painter would add more organic appearance of a brushstroke.  

Take this one step further: Imagine a brush with 10 groups of bristles, each group containing 5 individual bristles. The same idea applies now to every individual bristle in each group. This way a brush would create what would initially seem like a brushstroke consisting of 10 individual bristles, at closer inspection those individual bristles would each create a unique pattern in itself every time you set the tip on paper.

I´m curious if this would be technically possible, and if it would create the desired result.