Corel Painter's Bugginess

I have Corel Painter 2019. I find it exploitative of the Corel corporation, to release a new "version" of the software every year, only to provide minor changes/updates that should be included in the "full" versions. As minor as they are they do NOT justify being new versions of the applications. It wreaks of greediness to me.

Also, why does Corel not fix glaring issues that have plagued the software for years! I am so fed up with the lines (always perfectly straight) that are often arbitrarily drawn through my paintings?! This happens frequently, and I have to spend hours cleaning them up! None of my other graphic programs do this. Also, as frequently happens, my brush stops working, and I have to reboot my pc to get it to wok again! This is very counterproductive. Also, everytime I close and then reopen the program it NEVER remembers the layer I was working on. Instead, it always defaults to the "Canvas" layer. No other graphics program does this. Also, Corel Painter can't handle larger file types. There are numerous other issues that this software has, but I'll sum it up to say that these issues have been with the app for many years, and it appears Corel has no interest in addressing them. They'd rather opt to move on with releasing yet another (Ahem..) "version" every year. The price of the software is way too much in my opinion. The only reason I use the software is because of its brushed ans textured papers. They are the best I've ever used. If Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro had these features, I'd leave this crappy software so fast, it would make your head spin!