Seeking advice: Cintiq 12wx with Corel Painter

I bought a "like new" used Cintiq 12wx (I'm poor) and love how it works with Photoshop, but I vastly prefer working with Corel Painter.

Problem is- It's brand new but out of print and no longer supported by Wacom. I found a driver that still works but unfortunately this (apparently) clashes with Corel Painter and my Painter app will not open. I've got Painter 2016 and 2018 and repaired, then uninstalled and reinstalled both hoping this might be a fix but had no luck.

I'm running Windows 10 hence the need for some European Wacom driver (which works for all else so far). 

I guess I'm fishing here in case anyone on the board has experienced something similar and found a fix. I wish I had something better to share, but I promise to if I can fix this bug.