Eraser is erasing multiple layers

I am working with digital watercolors, and have created multiple layers to add detail to my painting. When I use the eraser on a selected layer, it also erases from the layers below. Even when I lock the lower layers, they are still being erased. Am I missing a setting somewhere? This didn't happen in previous versions of the software.

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  • it's a bug.

    try resetting the eraser tool first,

    if that doesn't help, back up your custom assets (brushes, shortcuts, papers, you name it - anything you've custom created) and reset painter (hold "shift" while launching and follow up with screen instructions.)

    to my knowledge there're no eraser variants explicitly designed to affect multiple layers in painter, and that behavior should not appear by itself.

    you might want to repost this to if you use FB just so the bug report gets passed onto painter development team, but the digital watercolor component in painter has been neglected for close to a decade anyway (I think they finally gave up on updating it around painter 11), so don't expect much.