On animation in Painter and other software.

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I have been using Painter for many years. Started using it in Windows when it was version number 3. I still use the 2016 version running on my desktop and on my Surface Pro 3. 

One reason for me using Painter, from the very thing beginning, was the animation/movie in Painter. Today I never use that any more. I use some other software. RoughAnimator and Krita, (some times ClipStudio and SketchBook) when it comes to hand drawn 2D animation.

Next program I will buy is Animation Paper. The new release is soon to come. >First there will be a beta this spring and then a full release in August. Then, I guess, I will use Animation Paper all of the time for animation, but not for painting backgrounds and such. Painter is such a good painting program and can be used for backgrounds, for characters and objects design. They can later be used for for animating in some other software.

The picture below is a part of a background painting for an animation I am working on. The rocks will be floating in the air, slowly moving as the camera is panning along the landscape, A rocket scooter will pass, and...

I am just an old amateur interested in animation, painting and illustration. Using both traditional and digital tools. Painter is only one of them.

Animation in Painter? Anyone? Or anyone interested in animation in this forum? 

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    One reason for using Painter for background painting is the seamless painting option. The seamless painting option is quick and easy to use for scrolling backgrounds and panoraming.

    10 points for Painter for this!

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