Random Lines Appear When Shading

I'm having issues where random straight lines appear during the process of shading with single lines, more specifically this seems to happen during the repetitive motion of drawing lines.

I'm using a Cintiq Pro 24 at 4K resolution. Here's an example. The lines highlighted by the arrows were randomly generated as I attempted to "shade"

Does anyone know the fix/workaround or root cause for this issue?

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  • Before reinstalling Wacom drivers go to Device Manager (Right Click the Start Menu in Windows 10 and select Device Manager). In device Manager go to the View menu on  top menu bar and select Show hidden devices. Under Mice and other pointing Device you have to Right click and uninstall every device; note that when you delete your active mouse stops working so just replug it in and it will reinstall itself immediately and keep going on deleting every other device shown and hidden.  I don't think keyboard drivers affect Wacom peripherals but you can clean up your keyboard drivers under Keyboard tab here.  Then reinstall Wacom drivers.

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