2020 here it is

  • lmao they launched it a day after artrage 6 dropped, what kind of amazing timing

    anddd there's no mac demo yet. the link points to 2019.dmg

    with no new features except for performance tweaks and reductive color harmonies, I'll wait another day or two anyway.

    so far, judging by gpu performance finally coded in, this makes painter 2019 look especially cynically redundant,

    both versions have no painting toolkit improvements and only focus on catching up with better performing low-cost competing apps.

    "20/20" ohmygod the cringe

  • That new splash screen, oh I won't be able to sleep tonight

    Even if it start work with a speed that faster than light, it will not change anything. I will not even try trial version this year.

  • Seems to me Painter has reached its zenith. Or more accurately, it reached its zenith several years ago and is now simply trying to keep up. I suspect the code has become impenetrable in some areas, who knows, but it's clear that for whatever reason it's attained its functional peak.

    The last three releases have contained nothing more than minor tweaks and the occasional performance improvement. That's fine by me, I'll continue using 2018 because it suits my needs and it's still the best all round traditional media emulation package. However, it would have been nice to have at least a nod towards supporting those who earn their living with Painter but hey ho, after 18 years and so many detailed suggestions and input I couldn't begin to quantify it, all of which has been ignored, I have no expectations in this area.

  • I just tried it. GPU acceleration is something I've been looking forward to for years. AND......it doesn't work on my pc. Even though my Radeon Fury X is OpenCL 1.2 compliant and I use OpenCL 1.2 renderers with my GPU. For whatever reason painter doesn't work with it, but even painter says it has OpenCL 1.2 but the option is greyed out. Nice job Corel. What a buzz kill.