2020 here it is

  • This version of Painter works really GREAT on my Surface Pro 6. The simple interface setting makes Painter one of the best designed touch UI on Surface Pro that I have tried out ( as far as I have tested this 2020 Painter, that is). I will not test Painter 2020 any more. I will remove it from my computers sinceI do not need it. Nor will I buy the new ArtRage 6, I do not need that one either.

    I still wait for Adobe Gemini to see if it is any good and if I need it. If Gemini will be a CC subscription as I assume. It will be on top of the other subscriptions probably and I can not afford that. Probably I won't need Gemini, if it is not something really extra. 

    I will keep on using ClipStudio and  the Affinity suite. They are all I need really.  

    Painter 2020 is a VERY good painting software that I do not need. 

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