2020 here it is

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  • Happy to say I tried the demo for three weeks and have committed to the update.
    The lag betwixt brush and other tools is a minor nuisance but the improved brush palettes were the winning factor.

    It's interesting to seein 2020 how many of the most basic brushes use AVX2. (even the soft airbrush!)
    My CPU predates AVX2, perhaps that's the reason for the brush lag.
    No option to select plain old AVX which has been in PC's since 2011. Maybe it uses it automatically? Maybe it was just a rubbish old tech?

    The other interesting thing with the accelerator test is it misreads the number of cores...

    Painter is measuring a middling 4 cores with 8 available threads... as if thinking the AMD processor is an Intel.
    The AMD 8320 runs 8 separate cores,but in a way which doesn't fit the same core/thread model.
    But not important. 

    2020 works nicely enough to pay the discounted price.

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