Painter 2020 Crashes on Launch -- MacOS 10.13

Has anyone been successful getting this to run on MacOS 10.13?  

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  • Having the same problem. P20 generally will launch successfully immediately following a manual uninstall/re-install, but the next launch crashes every time (with the infamous "Quit Unexpectedly" message). P20 works fine if I boot MacOS 10.13 in Safe Mode, but then lots of drivers/KEXTs are missing (in particular Wacom driver). There must be some some conflict with other software. Wacom driver seemed a likely culprit based on previous posts about past Painter launch crashes. However I updated Wacom driver to latest version to no effect, so I don't know how to proceed. BTW, P19 works just fine. I hope someone can figure this out. Right now P20 is DOA.

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