replace Cursor in Painter 2020?

I have a custom cursor PNG that a fellow Painter Factory member sent me way back in 2011.  I've only upgraded to a new painter now and would like to use this modified smaller dot.

I can't recall where I can find and replace the existing single pixel cursor.

Any chance anyone here knows?



  • HI Matt,

    Yes, to my knowledge this can be done in Painter 2020...although I should say that making any modifications to these kinds of files so proceed with caution (not recommended for the faint of heart!)

    Ok navigate to this folder: C:\Program Files\Corel\Painter 2020\Resources\20.0\Framework\Cursors

    Locate the cursor you plan to replace...for example I planned to replace the 'arrow' brush cursor, so I did the following:

    1. Renamed 228.PNG to 228.BAK

    2. Create a new cursor called 228.png (using your new smaller dot)

    3. Copied it into this folder.

    Lastly, I setup Painter to use the cursor:

    Go to Preferences > Brush Cursor

    And under "Shape" I choose "Triangle"

    And voila, you should have the new cursor.

    Again, this is only recommended for people comfortable doing mods...use at your own risk.

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