Correct colors issue


I just bought the Painter 2019 humble bundle, I'm learning how to use this product.

I'm making a drawing using  a layer with linework using Sumi-e brushes and another layer with the Digital Watercolor brush category for color. I'm liking it a lot, but once I make some coloring with Digital Watercolor I want to change the layer's colors in a similar fashion as I used in older Photoshop (hue/saturation or curves window). I've found a similar option in Painter via  Effects > Tonal Control > Correct Colors... then I change the curves and I get a proper color change preview but when I hit the OK button the preview disappears and the color keeps the same way as it was before the Correct Colors was applied. When I use the  Effects > Tonal Control > Adjust Colors It doesn't do anything at all, no matter what options I use.

Please help me! How do I change a layer's colors?