Painter 2020 doesn't use GPU acceleration on several gear


It doesn't use GPU acceleration 

Not on my MacBookPro 2013 with Nvidia Geforce GT 750 M 2 go + intel iris pro 

Not on my Macpro 2009 16 Go Ram, SSD boot,   with Ati HD 4870 500 mo 

or more recent 

Radeon RX 580 4 Go I just by for Corel Painter use.

The support says it is not use in case of CPU is faster than GPU but this is bullshit.

Mu trusty great but old  2,93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2009

cannot be faster

than a 2017 GPU.

I think Corel does not give what it promise nowadays.

Happy new year everybody.

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  • Had the same problem with the demo. I contacted Corel, they blamed it on my gpu. So I brought a brand new one (5700 xt). GPU acceleration still didn't work. So I decided to not buy Painter 2020. Obviously Corel didn't care to fix the problem. Maybe with the 2021 edition they will.

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