Latest Wacom Driver (6.3.38-2) Crashes Painter 2020?

Since updating the Wacom Driver and Software from 6.3.36-1 to 6.3.38-2 Corel Painter 2020 (updated Nov 2019 version) has crashed completely twice returning the screen to Desktop. This was after a period of over 1 hour and sadly I lost the work I hadn't saved recently.

Uninstalling the Wacom Driver software and reinstalling the previous seems to have fixed the problem. The New Wacom Software had a new UI and looked promising, but new and shiny isn't much use if it's unstable is it.

BTW there doesn't appear to be a facility in Corel Painter to automatically save work periodically if the user so chooses. This is available in Photoshop and many other programs and would surely be a simple and useful feature addition?