Huion 1060 tablet

I just purchased a Huion 1060 plus tablet and have installed the driver but cannot get it to work.

Can anyone help?


  • this link.....

    You are more likely to have issues with Wacom than Huion.  I have had 2 Wacoms and 2 Huions.  Currently using the 610 Pro V2.  I now have about 3 years of professional experience......1000's of hours...using the Huions.  No problems.  Works perfectly in Photoshop CC and Painter.  If you are having problems it is likely caused by user error, or, perhaps your computer.   

    You did not say anything about your OS.  If it is Windows you should first unplug the tablet and then go into device manager and delete the tablet driver. Do not reconnect the tablet.  Reboot the computer, go to the Huion website, download and install the latest driver, THEN plug the tablet into a USB port.  That should solve your issue.

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