Huion 1060 tablet

I just purchased a Huion 1060 plus tablet and have installed the driver but cannot get it to work.

Can anyone help?


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  • I don't use a Mac.

    However, which 1060 plus do you have?  Is it the 1060 Plus (8192)?

    Go to

    Download the Mac driver and manual.  The manual states....

    1.4.3 Install Driver
    Please download the driver from our website: After finishing installation, you can find the driver icon in the system tray area, which means the driver was installed successfully; when you connect the tablet to computer, the icon will change to color , which means the driver has already recognized the tablet and you can start using it now. Notice: 1. Before installing, you need to uninstall other driver of similar products, including the old driver of this product. 2. Before installing, please close all graphics software and anti-virus software to avoid unnecessary mistake.

    Be sure to uninstall any old drivers.  Then reboot.

    The first link above, page 6, has the links for the driver and manual.

    When you say: "My issue I'm having is not being able to set up my Huion."  What does that mean?  Does the cursor on the screen respond to the stylus?  What driver did you install?  Where did you get the driver?