Setting Painter up for an Art Pen

I recently acquired an Art Pen for my Intuos3. Somewhat vexingly, it seems that most brushes default to not using Rotation (and setting it, the brush ghost doesn't reflect the angle). Is there a good way to quickly get brushes to reflect the rotation of my Art Pen? Is there a way to switch when I switch pens (my regular grip pen has a built-in eraser and a different feel) so that there, it's a matter of Bearing? Is there a way to make the Brush Ghost reflect the rotation of the Art Pen?

  • enhanced brush ghosting should support art pen rotation by default (you should see a small circular dot showing the rotation degree added to the cursor outline); all other brush cursor methods won't show it.

    >Is there a way to switch when I switch pens so that there, it's a matter of Bearing?

    yes/no - you can create a brush category with a set of brushes you want tailored for art pen use (starting with painter IX.5 and ending somewhere I don't know when, painter used to have a separate category of art-pen based brushes) and use all other brushes with a grip pen - painter will remember which brush you last used with respective pen when you switch styluses during painting. 

    otherwise, you can't map "angle" value to adjust to the currently active wacom pen type.

    there's a tiny chance corel phased out their support for intuos 3 art pen, but I don't see any reason why they would do so; it's a superior tool compared to intuos 4 and further re-designed 6D art pen too.

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