Setting Painter up for an Art Pen

I recently acquired an Art Pen for my Intuos3. Somewhat vexingly, it seems that most brushes default to not using Rotation (and setting it, the brush ghost doesn't reflect the angle). Is there a good way to quickly get brushes to reflect the rotation of my Art Pen? Is there a way to switch when I switch pens (my regular grip pen has a built-in eraser and a different feel) so that there, it's a matter of Bearing? Is there a way to make the Brush Ghost reflect the rotation of the Art Pen?

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  • The Intuos3 and other Wacom flat-tip art pens are all supported in Painter 2020.

    Rotation and angle works for my Intuos3 art pen with no adjustments to the setting, and the brush ghost does reflect the movement. I'm not sure what is going on with yours. I would try Wacom support. They don't like supporting such old equipment, but they will if pressed.

    As someone else noted, the Wacom Intuos3 and all of its accessories are indeed superior to the succeeding models. I have 5  Intuos3 631w tablets that I recently purchased as "new-old' stock, at a good price, because I don't want to downgrade to a newer model. I also found new spare art pens, grip pens, 2 new airbrushes, so they should last me at least another decade. I still have the first Intuos3 4x5 that I bought in 2003 or 2004, and it still works perfectly, though its a little beat up. If you want spare pens, better hurry because the law of supply and demand is in effect. the pens cost much more than the tablets right now, and will keep going up in price.

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