texture fill problem

When I use the paint bucket for a texture fill, it only fills a small square in the upper left corner, not the whole image. If I fill with current color, gradient, or weave, it fills the entire image. I only have the problem when I use the texture fill. I have tried making a selection in the canvas and filling that, but it only fills a small square in the selection. I cannot find any info in Corel help.

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  • Just to check, is this for a custom image or for one of the default ones? One of the oddities of Corel Painter texture fills (at least in Painter 2019 where I'm testing it) is that it only draws one copy of the texture, so if I use a smaller image, it only shows up in the area covered by that smaller image.

    You can also try going into a texture brush, and using the Show Texture button to see where the texture exists on your screen. If your original image is a repeating pattern, you can instead use it as a Pattern. Or if you want to turn it into a larger texture, I would say to use Texture Synthesis.