For almost three years I used 2400mh c16 ram speed, had this strange behaviour on my computer, for example, lag at resizing. Or sometimes the control key was pressed jammed, I've blamed the keyboard.

Painter had a hard time saving the files.

I noticed this because recently I moved my CPU and all components to a new gaming board, trying to see if it could get better. I started suspecting on ram because I changed the cooler of my CPU to a rock 4 by silent. And lowered my CPU usage temp to 40c. Why I was still getting micro stuttering? So i did a check on ram again, took hours...ram still seems to have no problem.

So decided to buy faster ram, but my cooler only let me put three slots now because it's really big. So i had 32 gigs of ram and now upgraded to only 16 gigs off the ram, older were 2400mz new one is 3600mz overclocked and even with more latency in cas 18 compared to cas 16 from the old one.


Painter its twice as fast, now i can save faster than before the files, micro stuttering is gone, same for resizing brushes. So yeah ram speed has a great impact on Painter, is hard to check this because when you google ram speeds, they only talk about how much extra frames you can get on a game. But no one ever tells you about Painter or digital painting software.

If you feel your computer is choking on painter don't blame video card or cpu yet, check your ram, its soo difficult to notice the mistakes. Also make sure if the new ram you are buying is compatible with your motherboard and also if you can overclock it with an xmp profile.

Note: Also im not getting any crashing in Painter...it seems its linked, a bad ram could cause crash more often.