Multiple cores experience

I had a core i7 7700 intel cpu a couple of days ago, it has 4 real cores and other 4 in threads, so Painter only used 4 cores, performance-wise was good but not superb like they mention on the reviews and features. You see the thing is that this model of cpu always had like this kind of weird slow bug in Painter when resizing brushes. Before this cpu i had a core i7 4790k  and worked even better than the one I was using.

So K processors works better on Painters, thats for sure.

But now i have a Ryzen 7 3800xt.

It has 8 cores and other 8 threads, so it's a 16 cores, I was surprised that Painter only used 7 cores and not 8, maybe thats the limit of painter it really dont needs more. Now the performance is brutal, the bug of resizing brushes is gone, its when i pressed control plus alt, im the type of guy that resizes brushes every 2 second and this processor can keep the pace of then i had core i7 4790k. Ive always thought it was a bug of Painter but it wasnt, it was a cpu processor thing.

I noticed this when i changed from Wacom to Huion, because in both had the same lag, so you can ditch the drivers option out.

I hope this information helps someone, it would be interesting to see your experiences depending the cpus you are using.

  • Thank you for your testimony. Very few software are multithreaded. No sure if 8 reals cores is really better for Corel Painter. The High clock speed of your 3.9 GHZ Ryzen 7 3800xt  and his CPU cache help more than the multicore for digital painting software. I'm working with a 2013 4850HQ i7, 4 cores 2,3 GHZ., witch isn't lighting fast, but still faster than my old non AVX2 2,93 ghz 4 core Xeon Mac Pro. 

  • "K" designated intel CPUs means it is user overclock speed adjustable (to boost CPU speed)...AFAIK nothing else different.