Painter 2021 AI and embedded images

I just purchased Corel Painter 2021, so this may be a dumb question as I am new to the application.

If I do a quick clone, the image is cleared from the canvas. If I create a layer, or use the canvas, I cannot get AI presets or styles to work on the embedded image. I have to place an image on another layer in order to get AI styles or presets to work. I can only use manual clone painting or auto painting on an embedded image. If I use clone instead, the image is not cleared from the canvas and the AI features work.

If this is by design, I am not sure I understand why, maybe somewhat could explain. If I am doing something wrong, I would appreciate someone letting me know how to do it correctly.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bill Byrnes

  • HI Bill,

    Generally speaking the idea is to apply the AI style prior to creating the clone source, but it is possible to apply the style after here's how:

    1. Open your image or photo

    2. File > Quick Clone

    3. In the "Clone Source" panel or flyout, choose "show source image" (note, this will temporarily open your embedded image for any tweaks you want to do)

    4. in the newly opened source image, apply the AI style you want

    5. Close the will be prompted if you want to update your old embeeded image, or create a new one, or discard (I often choose create new, because then I can paint with either the original image or the newly AI styled image)

    6. You're ready to clone paint with the new image.

    Another option is to modify quick clone settings so you can apply AI before setting your clone source....which would be even if that appeals to you LMK and I can share the steps.

  • It is by design and you can set prefs for your way of working with cloning. See the User Manual for explanations.