Painting in slow motion.

I'm not having much luck with Painter.

I bought 2019, it was buggy and slow.

I bought 2020, and it's also buggy and slow.

The GPU acceleration on 2020 worked for about 1 day, then I made the mistake of enabling onboard graphics to use a third monitor, and I lost the GPU acceleration.

Upon disabling the extra monitor, I still can't re-enable acceleration, as the Brush Accelerator opens a new window, then immediately quits without completing. I tried using the repair option on the painter install program, but this doesn't help.

Trying to paint in "Oil Paints" is an incredibly painful experience. Any large operation like blending a sky take forever, and it's got nothing to do with my hardware.

I have a Core i7 (4 core 8 threads) running at 5Ghz, 16GB RAM, 3.2Tb Storage (2 SSDs, and a Hybrid Drive for backing up), and a AMD Radeon R9-390X using the latest AMD Radeon Studio Drivers (I did have a RTX-2080 in this PC, but it didn't seem to make much difference to performance, so I put that in my Gaming PC).

I really don't know why this program is so slow. I can simulate Oil Painting in Photoshop, but you have no mixing pallet, and Art Rage runs just fine in Oil Painting mode (though Art Rage has other issues down to it being new software, and not long out of beta).

I don't think GPU acceleration is going to help much with the Oil mode, as it seems to hit the CPU really hard, and not much else. I did try the trial version of Painter 2021, but that was not much better, so I won't be paying the extra $215 to upgrade, as it offers nothing I want right now.

Any ideas why the Brush Accelerator wont run?
Is there a way of bypassing Brush Accelerator and just ticking the Box?
Is there any way of speeding this software up so that painting in Oil feels like I'm doing it in "Real Time"?

Video of what happens if I try and run the Brush Accelerator.