Brush pack install locations?

I bought the Humble Bundle version of CP2020 and assorted brush packs. I installed and have been tinkering with it and had no noticeable problems. Except for one which I just noticed. I run multiple drives in my PC with my boot drive (C:) being a fast NVME drive and some of the others (D, E, F, G) being slower, storage drives. While Painter itself has installed to C: drive the brushes appear to have installed themselves on my F drive, which happens to be the slowest drive in the system *sigh*. It's also the next drive on my "replace list". ie: when I have the cash I'll be replacing it with a faster SSD.

Also frustrating, the brushes are all installed into folders straight off the root of F: drive. So I now have 23 brush folders cluttering the root of F drive.

I don't recall there being any option to control where the brushes installed when I did the install a few weeks ago. You would expect them to install *with* painter, not on a seemingly random drive. It's not even as though I had the brushes downloaded to the F: drive when I did the install. All the downloads from Humble were sitting on E: drive.

There also doesn't appear to be any uninstall option for the brushes. So I can't even try uninstalling and reinstalling them. This also seems like an oversight since there is no obvious way to remove up the installs.

I also checked in the Painter preferences and couldn't see anything that seems related to file/install locations.

So, the question is - how do I move the brushes from my F: drive to my C: drive? I can see import and export options on the brush menu in Painter but I wasn't sure whether that's going to do what I want.

Thanks in advance.