Comments Moderated?

Using very clean, objective language, I contributed to a discussion here in Painter Factory. It was moderated (sensored), as being spam. Is this because it was not favorable to Corel's Mac customer support?

  • If anything, I've had the opposite issue, of not enough moderation. The number of Vietnamese spam posts I've flagged that have stayed up multiple days...

  • post of mine also get moderated; because complaining about the support :-D

  • I had a post complaining about support removed for being "spam" as well, but after I sent a dispute, the post wasn't reinstated but one of the mods actually resolved my issue for me, and so I did get my problem fixed even though customer support never did do anything helpful. I'm happy with the ultimate result but I wish we were allowed to speak openly about problems with customer support, too. 

  • some of my comments (less than five over my more or less extensive comment history here) were semi-automatically filtered in the past, but posting same comment twice typically helped with that.

    however if they did start trimming the critical comments over the asinine tech support....that's a corel level of nasty I'd totally really expect from them!

  • Dear Corel, you have a HUGE ASSET that most corporations strive to attain … that would be loyal, long-term customers.

    I am on this platform, not to whine and complain incessantly, but to offer constructive feedback. I offer that feedback with the utmost respect for those on your team, who must continually shift and adjust to technological updates that are continually thrown your way (Apple especially).

    How nice to have customers who hang in there, and join forums to make your product that much better and useable? But it seems as though we Mac users, are those pesky disruptive students in the classroom, who you teachers seem to label as having behavioral issues.  : )

    For the sake of transparency and good will, wouldn't it be more preferable to state that there are known issues right up front? Your current knowledge base is more than cryptic on known issues. And twice now, I've been told that I needed to spend $$ to update, and that miscellaneous problems would go away … not the case.

    Added to that, why make a customer waste HOURS trying to resolve known issues, by chatting with support people who admitted to me, that they hear of the same issues repeatedly?  Only after repeated exchanges, do they escalate the issue and write up a ticket.

    From there, we are notified by somebody at Level 2, that they're on it, it'll be a while … and then … crickets …

    I for one, am not interested in one more crazy, trendy brush - I'd rather have a Mac-based interface that works as Painter used to work. It'd be easier to walk away and use an alternative. But I'm very attached to Corel Painter … I only wish Corel was as attached to their Mac users, as they are to their Windows users.

    Please tell us there are better days ahead?