I miss the old Painter days …

What happened to the buttery, tactile experience that Corel once offered??? You folks continually say that "we're on it" in terms of glitches with the Mac platform.

I've been on standby with tech support since August 24th 2020. Still no word back, and still, I have laggy, choppy behavior, distorted U.I. panels (pulldoen icons are stretched and blurred in brushes panel), and I get the spinning beach ball every time I save.

De-bugging such a complex program must surely be a daunting task, but this has been ongoing, and Painter prices out at a rather premium rate. 

I remain loyal and hopeful.

  • Writing to Corel for last two weeks to get an answer. The Corel customer service is of no help. Just there for opening and closing the tickets (in this painter case)! Buying a new product 2months ago, and not getting support for it when it is not working is a pain for sure. The point of writing this much is the too much love for the painter interface. Hopeful that we will get some solution to this problem in this life or next! :-D

  • I also got in touch with their support weeks back and heard nothing until last week, an email explaining that they were v busy and appologised and will get in touch soon - I had to laugh knowing that soon would be more waiting time, and they haven't dissapointed there as it has been

  • I think in Mac its harder to catch bug compared to windows, because each upgrade on macs they change dramatically, that they dont only affect painter but tons of programs including wacom and photoshop. I just rerally wish painter 2021 releases a hotfix, because this program demands it, it has multiple bugs.

  • Yes, I miss the old painter days before they join Corel. 

    I will not recommend it to anyone now.

  • definitely it's not recommended!