Soft-proofing and printing with Corel Painter

Hi everyone,

I would like to get some clarifications on the proofing procedure with Corel Painter as I have to print multiple RGB files.
Default RGB is applied according to the characterization of my monitor.
The printer requests a file on CMYK mode with an ICC ISO Coated v2 (FOGRA 39) profile.
Do you mind telling me if my method is right (see below)?
First step - Color Management Settings (Canvas > Color Management Settings)
- I've duplicated the original file
- From the Default RGB Profile list box : no change 
- From the Default Conversion CMYK Profile list box: I've selected FOGRA 39 (ISO 1267 - 2:2004) - The former setting was U.S. Coated (SWOP) V2
- From the Rendering mode list box: Perceptual
Second step - Soft-proofing (Canvas > Color Proofing Settings)
- From the Simulate Device list box: I've selected FOGRA 39 (ISO 1267 - 2:2004) 
- From the Rendering Intend list box: Perceptual
- Down, on the Turn on Color Proofing Mode I enable the check box
At this point, I should get a simulation of the printer output colors as per the print shop's requests.
Third step - Color settings
Depending on the result, I apply any corrections (colors, brightness ...). Then I flatten the image and save this file to send to the print shop.
But something bothers me: Is the image really in CMYK mode?

Thank you for your attention,