Corel painter 2020 (humble bundle) - Big Sur M1 ?

Hi All, 

I was looking around for some information on this and hoped this would be the best community in the know, theres currently a really good deal on with humble bundle for Mac for the 2020 product Corel Painter 2020. I know that version 2021 is fully compatible with M1 and probably runs very nicely also, but it's not like 90% off RRP like 2020 is. 

What I wanted to ask this community is, does anyone here have experience with Corel Draw 2020 working on an M1 Apple product (mini, macbook air, mbp) ? I downloaded the free trial and tried it myself, because they told me in chat it's not, but i figured maybe this is old information because Apple has the rosetta software now. So it was working for me for the 5mins I tried it (crashed once and not particularly 'speedy' but fine - I don't mind if its a little slow, to me thats still considered working.  

I'm wondering if I bought that version with all the nice brush packs etc. would it just start randomly crashing on me, or have hiccups. Or would it run ok ? 

Anyone tried it with Big Sur ?

thank you