Corel Painter, touchscreen laptops, and Windows Ink

i just my first touchscreen laptop and I'm not really loving it yet.  Yes, it came with a stylus-pen, but apparently you have to get a separate "tilt" pen in order to get pressure sensitivity and tilt to work.  Oh - yeah and it's only for Windows Ink.  I've already got a nifty little portable drawing tablet called a Sensel Morph but - it only works with Windows Ink.  I'm still on Painter 2019 which I can install on the laptop but I know that's Wacom-only.  I still have my old Intuos4 but that kind defeats the whole point of getting a touchscreen.. Do any of the newer versions of Painter support Windows Ink or is Corel Painter only for RTS Wacom-compatible devices?  I really had hoped to use Painter on the the laptop and have the advantages of drawing on the screen.