Be aware of current issues with corrupted brushes in Dab play

The big marketing angle for 2022 are the Dabs. I have been waiting for someone to mention the current glitch but no one has yet, so thought I would.

In its newly released version, reset isnt working with all brushes. If you play around with changing Dabs, in the way advertised, there's a risk you may corrupt you brush (and we are talking both native and custom brushes). The brush may then be stuck on your changed Dab and wont go back.

I was tipped off about it and I found that happened with a native Oils Bravura brush. someone else also has had that happen too. I gather Corel developers know about the issue. As a longtime Corel user, I find it surprising they didn't fix this before release (or haven't mentioned it on the Welcome screen or email etc)  when it one of the major advertised feature of the new release.

I have kindly been advised by someone in the Painter community  there is a current workaround - while Reset is not working for Dab Type = Captured,  is working the for Circular Dab Type brushes. So, if you change a Captured type brush, click on Circular Dab Type, and now click Reset, the brush should now be reset.

Hope this saves someone some headaches. This sort of thing has become a recurrent issue with art software. It is often released to a marketing date when they are still working on it. You don't buy a new car that 'mostly works, except for some situations which may actually cause damage. But its Ok we are still working on it"!

  • Thank you for pointing this out - hope this gets fixed with an update.  I tried your method to change to Circular Dab type and resetting and it works.  Thanks for the tip!

  • Interesting. I had this happened to me with the Pastels > Concept Art brush and thought I was losing my mind. Fortunately, I remembered the dab type and managed to get it back to what it was. I was super optimistic for this release, but there's starting to be more nagging things as I continue to play with this that I'm not so sure is worth an early upgrade at $200.

  • I always keep a backup copy of the brushes folder. I had some brush corruption issues a long time ago, in Painter X2. Any brush will reset if you simply copy the default brush file back over the corrupt one. That said, this is an irritating bug that needs to be fixed promptly. Thanks for the heads up.

  • I decided to make a back-up copy of the brush library entitled COPY, and I intend on making changes only within this library.  It's frustrating, I've had to reinstall CP22 already because it crashed on opening, now one week later, it crashes whenever I open (or try to paste from) my Downloads folder.  The workaround that I've found is to make a subfolder within the Downloads folder.  The only thing that tech support has been able to offer is to reinstall the program AGAIN.  I have a very slow internet connection, I cannot be reinstalling the program every week when I find a bug that should have been detected and corrected before releasing the software.

  • I have the same issue. I reached out to support at Corel, even attached a video showing the issue, but I got a copy-paste response to reset factory settings (which I said in my original email I had already done), then I got a copy-paste for something completely unrelated (asking for me to send a crash report when the software hadn't crashed) sent 1 minute after I posted my response. So support is not helpful.

    My workaround is, for every brush I experiment with that I sort of like:

    1) Save that variant to a custom brush group

    2) Save the dab from that brush

    Quite a few of the dabs that exist in the default brush sets aren't included in the Captured Dab panel. As each brush has a preview of the dab as an image saved against it, you can always visually match the dab in the brush preview with the dab in the Captured Dab panel.