Painter upgrades have become too expensive

I originally purchased Painter 2018 and then have upgraded from 2019 to 2021. I wasn't going to upgrade to 2021, but there really seemed to be alot of worthwhile improvements. I really feel that only offering a $30 discount for 2022 is ridiculous. I think it would be much better if Corel saved all of these "huge" upgrades and release them every couple of years or so. It seems like such a money grab when they added so many improvements for 2021 and now even more for 2022. Why not do them together? I only just got 2021 in November before the discount ran out. It might not be so bad if there were any software updates throughout the year. I really can't think of any other graphics software that charges this much for upgrades. I looked for a link to address this with Corel directly but only see the support contact information and Corel support is a joke. If anyone has any other contact information, I would appreciate you sharing it. Thanks for reading.

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  • I'll bet you they will offer a larger discount sale price when the 2022 version gets near the release of the 2023 version.

    My personal opinion is that you should stay with the version of Painter that runs best on whatever generation of computer hardware and operating system you are using.    You will find more problems with flaws and incompatibility issues by using older hardware/operating systems with the latest software and older software on the latest hardware/operating system.     Generally there is a hot spot area on the time line of life when these products work together best.

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