Painter performance on new iMac Apple Silicon

I've been wondering if Painter (Any versions) would perform any better on a new Mac Apple Silicon. So I upgraded and have been giving it a try. I have the baseline iMac M1 (8g memory). I've upgraded from an older Intel iMac and I'm happy to see it all works well. However I'm a little surprised that the performance test in Painter give a significantly better score on my Intel based Mac than my new iMac with the M1. My Intel Mac has a LOT more memory so that is probably the difference. I'm not sure what I was expecting because honestly, I use the newer iMac with Lightroom and Photoshop and there is a nice performance boost for those applications. Not so much for Painter, though. I'm not complaining but I wonder if there are future upgrades planned for Painter that will increase performance on the Apple Mac Silicon.