Lost paper packs


I just bought the Humble Bundle with Painter 2021 and everything installed fine except for the 4 paper packs. They're .exe files and when I open them, they go through an install process but I don't know where they're being installed and they don't show up in my papers.They also don't show up when I search my computer, other than the original download file. I've restarted my computer several times, hoping they would show up. Any suggestions?


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  • Same problem for me. I already own Painter 2019 and 2021 and got the Humble Bundle collection for the Brush and Paper packs.  The brushes install fine in both versions but no .paper files are installed in the resources folders. After running the four installlers through a uninstaller tracer program I’ve found the program dosn’t extract them from the archive in the Temp folder. Therefore I’m thinking  the installers are bugged in some way  and are failing to run, but don’t give any error message as to the cause. I think Corel need to fix them or advise on whether they are incompatible with some systems. I’m on the lastest Windows 10 with Norton Security.