Hello question about best computer for Painter..

Hello to all ..  IM a freelance artist .. I worked with Corel Painter  but  loong time ago , painter x and Painter x3 ) 

   one of the things  why I left it  was because  some brushes ( or lot of them ) were  like very heavy  and with lag..   but oh well other times  that now is history ..  

  I want to try Corel Painter again .. I heard good things about it.. besides  it was the art program I started with :3  .. 

  So my question is ..   does anyone know   which pc cpu ,gpu   is best for corel Painter 2022 ?  multithread, or single thread ?  

Im on the edge of burn a big chunk of money  coz I need a new  system mac or/pc ..   right now I would reeeally want to try apple m1 macs .    but I have some reservations .. or  I can build a windows pc  no much stress or preference.. in the end it will be a matter of trade offs anyway ..         

 ( I read somewhere here on this forum..  that  those chips  Apple Silica macs  are performing  veery good!  is this true ?   a mac mini with 16 gb would be enough ? ) 

  I also have a relative ..  that could  give me his 27 5k 2020 i7 ( 10700k with 5500xt amd gpu)   imac ..   but   I need to travel to his home and its not precisely right around the corner :P .. 

 otherwise if its windows..     I would go with amd  5700x  with nvidia rtx 3060/3070   and 32gb ram

 and yeap I have a wacom cintiq :3 

    if anyone has some tips  about  all this    I will highly appreciate it .