Will corel painter transfer over to a new computer?

Hi, last year I got a new Wacom One tablet which came with a free version of Corel Painter (2021) which I've loved using. The downside is this computer is very, very old and as soon as I got the tablet my computer began having issues running which I've put up with for a while. Now that I've got the money saved to look into getting a new computer, I was wondering if it is possible that Corel Painter will still be able to be downloaded for free on my new computer?

I would message the Wacom forums themselves since this is probably more their area of expertise, except I don't actually think they have a forum... Thanks for any help

  • Hi, Yes you can download it on your new computer. Make sure to fully uninstall Painter from your old computer. Then install it on the new one using your Corel registration details or the same serial number.