Painter 2023, Personally Like the Features

I upgraded from 2022 to 2023 and after playing around with this latest version believe this is a very good program for use on a desktop computer.

This is the first time I have ever upgraded from one year to the next, and continue to purchase the one time version.   I realize from past years experience that having the option of this program as a one time version instead of subscription is better for years when hard times hit and you do not have any money to upgrade or pay subscription fees.    Although it was not necessary to upgrade having the 2022 version I decided to upgrade simply based on the train of thought that this year I did have some extra bucks to buy Painter.     Since I did have a few extra bucks to spend this year I like supporting this product when possible since this is my way of voting for the continuation of development and improvements to this program that I feel is excellent.    I was not disappointed with this upgrade to 2023.   I hope that supporting Painter will help avoid their discontinuing the program due to no one buying the program, costs money to hire employees to work on this digital painting specialty program. 

The program runs very good, has a great interface and find transferring brushes from earlier versions is so much easier than what I had to go through back in the years of the Corel Painter 8 and 9 versions.   The new fluid brushes seem to be a nice addition.     

To the Corel Painter support and development team, good work on this 2023 version, find the features and experience worth the upgrade.

  • I'm still trying the 2023 version, but I agree with you in regards to upgrading to the one-time version when possible. I love painter and support it when possible. The income of a working illustrator is certainly not always a good one!