Phone call support

Has anyone else in UK noticed that when you call up help on the UK No.0800 023 2433 it comes up as'cooker repair service - Devon and Hants.??? Trying to get to speak to an engineer rather than the person on the number is not allowed - they won't give the number to you just shallow promises you will be phoned back - but you aren't. They send an email asking for screen shots  - which you send them, but they never reply to you again. I think Corel call centre agents/technicians have landed the best job in the world - paid to do sweet FA. Does anyone else agree with this statement?????

  • My experience with Corel support has been abysmal.  They REFUSE to discuss the issue over the phone.  They will only refer me to email support, and then, although they eventually will respond, the "technician" doesn't bother try to understand the issue.  It is very frustrating - and frankly, insulting - to get zero actual support for software that I have paid hundreds of dollars for.