How do I get soft edged cloning like in photoshop?

I'm having a spot of bother repairing and extending an area I've painted.
I have drawn a brick wall with shrubs in from of it but now want a variation of the wall with just bricks: 

The clone tool rather than a clone brush is what I'm after.

Of the two clone tools it appears the "Cloner"  has soft edges but only draws a single colour, as If I'd eyedropped a colour and was drawing with a chalk brush.
The other tool, the "Rubber stamp" appears to be more like the regular photoshop clone tool, but there's no option to use a soft edge on it.
This makes it tough to blend with the existing drawing.
There's also no option to choose current layer only versus the entire image.

Is there any way to adjust this and remember the chosen option as default? Especially the soft airbush edges.