Painter 2016 welcome screen not working.

Hi, so I have just dismissed it every time when starting up, but I would like it to work of course, that is on the welcome screen, under the 'get content' tab, there's nothing, even where a button is supposed to be, there's nothing but a white rectangle, not button graphic, no text, nothing, this problem also persists under the 'learn' tab, with the learning samples thumbnails being displayed on the left side as a scrollable list, but nothing appearing anywhere else in that section and the button not showing as anything but a coloured rectangle again.

I've been using painter quite successfully since initial install a few months ago, with no problems but the colour matching being automatic for some reason, which I posted about here previously.

Anyway, I would like to access the lessons and even view the available content possibly to purchase, so would like to resolve this issue if possible please.

I use WIn 7 64bit
16 GB ram
Nvidia GT 740 with 4 GB memory.
AMD FX 8320 processor.