Painter 2017 .rif thumbnail not showing in file explorer.

I only see the icon for painter 2017 when looking at my files in Windows 10 file explorer.  I went through the steps Skip explained for this problem with version 2016 but that did not help.  The only thing that shows is the brush over the green simulated brushtroke.

Is there a way to see the thumbnails with this new version?

Thanks for any help with this.

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  • Former Member
    Former Member over 4 years ago

    This problem has been following Painter year after year, version after version. This should just be a simple and minor problem for Corel to fix...but no... it is one of the sad stories in the Corel Painter saga; "never fix minor problems that irritates the user".

    I never had this problem with any other software, just Corel Painter. And you are supposed to dig deep into the computer system to fix it yourself..!? Come on Corel, please fix it for once and for all like all other software companies already have done!

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