Cintiq 22HD + Imac 2017

I have read in foruns that the Startech adapter (DVI to USB-C) would properly works with the Cintiq 22HD and the Imac 2017. However, the monitor still not recognizable to the computer. Am I doing something wrong?

PS.: The Cintiq is working fine in my Mac Book Pro 2010, using the display port.

  • jsyk wacom has a support forum ( ) with a cintiq section, they don't always reply, but your chances of getting a proper response there are higher.

    also, facebook, maybe.

  • Hello, I have the exact same issue. I just bought a new iMac 2017 27" (10.13.3 High Sierra) before Christmas. My older iMac 2013 worked perfectly with the Cintiq, using an Apple DVI to mini displayport adapter, but the newer iMac's have changed to the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C 3) port. OMG, why did Apple do that?

    Firstly, I bought a Benfei DVI to Thunderbolt 3 adapter. I could see my Cintiq display on the iMac and everything looked great, but within a couple of days my new iMac started to flash every second. I quickly spoke with Apple Support and we went through a few tests, unplugging all cords I had plugged in the back of the iMac and stated to plug one in at a time. I found it was the Benfei adapter causing the flashing, every time I took it out the iMac was OK and when I plugged the Benfei adapter back in the iMac started to flash again. So I sent the Benfei adapter back to Amazon.

    Then I talked to Apple again and they said they had an adapter, so I bought an Apple Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter (at the hefty price of £49), to plug into the original Apple DVI to mini displayport adapter, but unfortunately there was NO signal at all. Too many adapters I guess. So I took it back too.

    I also emailed Wacom over 6 times and unfortunately they were NOT helpful at all. The lady kept asking me the same questions over and over again as to what ports the new iMac has and I sent her photos twice and all the video card specs and everything. I even sent her photos of all the adapters I bought and I told her what Apple said, and about what was recommended by other people (from this web feed) saying the StarTech adapter worked for them. She was super frustrating! She was NOT helpful at all and ended up saying they (Wacom) don't recommend adapter brands and then she had the nerve to say Apple has an adapter (WHICH THEY DON'T) and that StarTech have an adapter.

    So, I purchased the StarTech CDP2DVI adapter and it was delivered today, UNFORTUNATELY it doesn't give me any signal at all. Man it's so frustrating and I don't have any idea as to what to do now??? The Cintiq is a very expensive piece of equipment just sitting there on the desk next to my new iMac that I can't currently use. My older iMac it now being used by my husband on another desk, so it can no longer be used either. 

    I've updated all software on my iMac, downloaded the Cintiq driver from the Wacom website. I've taken all cables out and replugged them in one at a time, doing everything that was suggested for other people on this web feed, and NOTHING WORKED!

    Any other suggestions as to what adapter I can use. Apple does have a multi port hub for £99 that has a DVI female port in it, but the cords coming out of it are just a USB and a mini displayport. ( So I can't buy that either.

    Wacom has a cable for the Cintiq that's a DVI to VGA (, would that work? Excuse my ignorance, I'm a designer, not a technical person. Because Apple does have a Belkin adapter from VGA to Thunderbolt 3 USB-C adapter ( So if I could change the cord coming out of the Cintiq and then get this adapter maybe it would work?

    I think it is up to Wacom to get into 2018 and make new cords to have a USB-C Thunderbolt 3 end, so it can be plugged into the new iMac's. What in the world would someone do if they bought the new iMac Pro at £4,900 and then they couldn't use their Cintiq with it? It's complete madness that Wacom takes NO responsibility to upgrade their cables properly, so that we can use our Cintiq's.

    So many adapters are made to be used with MacBooks and NOT the iMac. If you read the specs for the adapter properly. Or they say they're compatible with the iMac and after you purchase it you find they aren't compatible at all. SUPER FRUSTRATING!!!


  • The thunderbolt connection of IMAC 2017 is not compatible with a DVi connection.
    You will require a USB-C to display port adapter and a display port
    male to display port male cable.

    so you can conside HDMI or VGA adapter , I have a 21.5" XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro Drawing Pad With Screen ,

    just like your Wacom cintiq 22HD , I connect it use a HDMI to USB-C Adapter , it works well.