Movie menu on a mac

I am wanting to know if the movie option is available with the 2019 update. The customer service people say yes but I am skeptical since they also insisted it was there when I updated from X to 2016 and of course it was NOT there for a mac user. I love the straightforward animation and I would be thrilled if it was there in the latest version. Does anyone out there know.


  • I'm not sure what exactly corel customer service are trying to achieve by outright lying to the customers, but mac os version of painter no longer supports animation; it was one of the features lost in between 64 bit code upgrades (rolled out in painter 2015);

    windows version of corel painter, I believe, still has this feature more or less intact.

    if you are looking for an alternative animation and illustration package for mac specifically, I can only suggest checking out clip studio paint.

    it offers a free 30 day trial and will cost you approx. $ 250 with taxes if you like what it offers. there's a free asset sharing service providing user submitted brushes and other resources that bring the experience of using clip closer to the corel painter one, you can also transfer your work between the two apps using .psd file type.

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