Got a new SSD, doesn't seem to speed things up...

Hi ~ I'm using Corel Painter 2019 on a MacBook Pro with 16Gb ram, OS 10.12. I just installed a very fast 2Tb SSD in it, but it doesn't seem to have any affect on Painter. It still takes Painter a half a minute at least to boot up. From what I've been reading, the boot time for Painter should be way-quicker now. But it's not. Photoshop, InDesign only take about 2-3 seconds to load, the computer itself boots up REALLY quick.

Can you tell me why that might be? I do have several Palettes with many patterns and image hoses and textures, etc. to boot-up with Painter. Could that be the problem?

Any help would be much appreciated!

  • I'm on Windows 7 and had the same problem- I had imported a bunch of textures- removed them and back to faster boot time.  I concluded that it would be better to import these extras as needed, or to set them up into separate libraries so they wouldn't load at startup but rather can be called up after program has loaded.