Unable to save file

Hello. New here.  I have a Windows 10 laptop.  I installed my old Painter 11 and all was fine but I couldn't save my work.  I kept getting a popup that "the file.....001.tmp could not be created."  I assumed maybe my old software wouldn't work with Windows 10, as I have encountered that problem with other software. 

So I purchased Painter Essentials 6.  The same thing is happening!  

I've read a lot about this being an issue with Corel. I have submitted a support ticket to Corel and sent my info to them.  Seems for some programs the temp files fill up, so I followed instructions and deleted all of them, hopefully.  Still no luck.  I uninstalled the old software, reinstalled the Essentials, restarted my computer, and nothing.  

Anyone else having this issue?

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  • Yup, my trial has expired. Again I'll try my Wife's laptop.

    Here's a possible thing to try (and I'm grasping at straws here) uninstall painter 11. Right click on the setup.exe file and in compatibility mode tell it to start in Windows XP service pack 2... then install.

    It may or MAY NOT make any difference.

    The fact that Essentials won't work properly either suggests Painter isn't playing well with something in your setup.

    How much RAM do you have?... How much free space on the drive? ....The rest of your laptop specs?

    (Of course, without having the same machine it'll be hard for me to reproduce the problem and try and find a way around it)