Unable to save file

Hello. New here.  I have a Windows 10 laptop.  I installed my old Painter 11 and all was fine but I couldn't save my work.  I kept getting a popup that "the file.....001.tmp could not be created."  I assumed maybe my old software wouldn't work with Windows 10, as I have encountered that problem with other software. 

So I purchased Painter Essentials 6.  The same thing is happening!  

I've read a lot about this being an issue with Corel. I have submitted a support ticket to Corel and sent my info to them.  Seems for some programs the temp files fill up, so I followed instructions and deleted all of them, hopefully.  Still no luck.  I uninstalled the old software, reinstalled the Essentials, restarted my computer, and nothing.  

Anyone else having this issue?

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