open file bug

I use painter essentials 6 to edit the textures of my 3D models, the mirror tool is very usefull for this so i never used the function of auto-paint the program have

yesterday i use the autopaint for first time, all go fine and i get happy with the result but this unleashed a very annoying bug

now always i open a file for start painting, everywhere i click in the picture, it open automatic the "Browse picture" window for select a file for the Auto-paint, if i close it, it dont stop it, it dont let me paint anymore, always open the "Browse photo" windows and if i select a file i cant paint or do anything else becuase it force use brush for edit the auto-paint even if i choose other tool, now the program is complete useless as i cant do other thing that is not auto-paint, this is very frustrating and is making me hate that function

please can someone help me?

  • Hi DelionKiaw,

    Try this: In the "PhotoPainting" panel, under "Step 3" uncheck the "Clone Color from image". If this checkbox is disabled try switching to a brush in a different category until it shows as enabled again.

    Once unchecked you should no longer get the "Browse Picture" window.

    BTW there is an alternate solution--what Essentials is trying to do is get an image to clone from. If you choose an image it will use that as a clone source and you will be able to 'clone paint'.