Navigator Window and Layer Thumbnails in Painter 2019 showing CMYK colors

I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue. My documents I work on are showing what appears to be in CMYK within the Navigator window and Layer thumbnails, even though the documents are sRGB. I've reset my workspaces to default and that does not fix the issue. I'm using Painter in the Mac OS.

  • That is a really, really unusual thing!

    I had always bought into the "intelligent design" school of software over the X-men-like "evolution by mutation" but you may have something there... A version of Painter that's developing an option to work in CMYK?

    (Not that I really "like" CMYK as such.)

  • Hi AC Goodson,

    To my knowledge, the panels in Painter's UI are not color imagery within those various panels, like the Navigator and Layers panel are using 'no color profile'. Your document, on the other hand, is color in the case where you are using a color profile with very rich blacks (Adobe 1998, for example) you will notice a difference in contrast between imagery in the UI and the document.

    So IMHO, the Navigator and Layers panels aren't CMYK, they are just desaturated compared to the document.

    I hope this helps.

    Cool Eye, BTW!

  • Ah!

    That probably makes much more sense.

  • Thanks for the input. My color profiles are the default sRGB profiles. I don't have these issues in Photoshop where I use the same default sRGB profiles. I guess I'm going to have to live with the issue.