Painter 2019 - brushes slow in responding

My brushes are getting slow to respond when switching them. Is there a reason why? A couple of days it was working fine, quick, and now it is slowing down. As for rotating my image, I work on a Mac, and using the short cut keys, and when I do, my image is slow to rotate, or very quickly and it is difficult to get it at the angle I want. Any specific reasons why this is happening> Thanks.

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  • I am getting the same, switching between brushes, switching between tools I reset the workspace and it helped for a while and also  if I restart Painter it helps for a while and then goes back to being slow. It's So frustrating it's so slow that I get the spinning wheel is if its about to crash I am at the point of going back to 2016 I jut can't work with it and I use it for  my job.