Corel Painter essentials 6 problem: Color wheel

I just got my first wacom tablet and Corel painter Essentials 6. So far I'm trying to nest the color wheel into the Color palette and mixer panel as a tab in there.

Currently the goal is to try and do oil painting like Bob Ross on my Wacom but this wheel is a huge hindrance by taking up necessary space to work in. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

  • Hi Brom,

    Unfortunately, in Painter Essentials 6 you are not able to 'dock' the color wheel into a panel. You are; however able to move the wheel to a better location by click-dragging in the semi-transparent area between the saturation/value triangle and the hue ring.

    You can also make the wheel smaller by click-dragging on the outermost semi-transparent edge...

    Hope this helps get it out of the way.