entry point not found

HI, just installed the 2020 demo and get the above error,  also when i run 2019 it does the same after having previously worked, 2018 is still installed but that works properly. please see pic enclosed. 

I have uninstslled, reinstalled to different drives, i have diasabled antivirus, firewall and anti amlware but problem still remain, ive also created a new user on windows and still problem persistes.

Ive been in touch with corel support but its taking ages due to time zone differences.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and did they solve it.



  • Since it's happening on 2019 too, I'd review the steps in this article- start with a System File Check and if it doesn't help go down the list-

    Also, doing a System Restore back to the point prior to the problem will give you a clean slate to run through the steps to fix- obviously the 2020 demo corrupted some files.


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